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The problem with sports equipment in Polish clubs and their youth teams is a common and burdensome issue. On the one hand, it’s trivial and extremely necessary to be able to train football and compete in leagues and tournaments, and on the other, its acquisition is often a serious impediment, because it is at the very end in club spending. First you have to pay referees, trainers, rent sports facilities, a license in the Polish Football Association, trips to tournaments and youth camps. We understand this perfectly, which is why our initiative is guided by higher intentions.

We intend to buy 1337 sport costumes, which is why our project name is called ‘Project 1337’ (in so-called „leet speak ” means ELITE -> 1337). However, we have even greater aspirations because we want to buy 2,500 sets! There are 15-25 competitors per one youth squad. By dressing over 100 teams in Poland, we will fulfill the dreams of many children and their coaches and parents. Dreams of decent sport equipment. All costumes will be provided by the Kappa® brand agency –, which is a relatively new entity in Poland since it was established at the end of 2018.

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